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What are Holey People?

Holey People symbolize what people may feel but don’t show. We all have holes, or flaws in ourselves that we love or hate. Holey People embrace their flaws. In other words, your flaws make you whole and embracing these flaws may bring you closer to finding what really matters.

Every Holey Person will have clues to their match, your job is to find the match along the way. You can Match your Holey People with pieces in the Attribute Collection(s) that give you a possible Gold Match, this match grants access to Vault 1. Some Holey People match with pets and/or homes while a select few will have the ability to only match with other People in a future series. Vault 1 is a group of paintings from Daniel’s life work and are limited. This vault opens and closes at scheduled times, this schedule will be announced and people with a Gold match will have access to pre-mint Vault 1 at discount.

Holes offer Holey People a chance to look within. If they choose to look deeply, they will find many treasures. They share that treasure with those around them and create more opportunities to help others by using their own success. Therefore, you may lend out your limited collection access to someone else. Together, Holey People and their community can transform the world. Holey People seek to become the best versions of themselves and help others do the same.

Holes can be literal or metaphorical. Holey People are the ones with wounds – physical, emotional, psychological. These wounds come with pain and suffering but instead of turning away from them, they embrace their wounds, using them to understand themselves and others in a profound way. Although, some Holey People may not be ready to embrace their holes and may temporarily fill their voids rather than facing them. These people will reveal themselves and their value in due time. 

About The Artist

Daniel Leighton is an Augmented Reality artist, iPad painter, filmmaker, and technologist who started programming at the age of eleven. Having Crohn’s Disease since birth, Leighton faced his mortality from a very young age. Countless invasive procedures, hospitalizations and surgeries helped drive him to dive deep into a lifelong quest to understand the workings of his body and his emotions. He creates emotional portraits with simple lines and brilliant colors to capture complex states of the human psyche, while exploring the possibilities of technology and human emotion being harnessed for the greater good. Leighton graduated cum laude from UC Berkeley and has presented/exhibited at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the LA Center for Digital Art, and has been featured by Timothy Potts, Director of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, as well as, curators from MoCA and LACMA.