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Find The Gold In Your Wound

The Holey People Collections

The Holey People NFT Art Collections Come From Internationally Recognized iPad Painter,  Augmented Reality Artist, Filmmaker And Developer, Daniel Leighton.

Holey People Symbolize What People May Feel But Don’t Show. We All Have Holes, Or Flaws In Ourselves That We Love Or Hate. Holey People Embrace Their Wounds, And In Doing So They Find And Share Their Greatest Gifts.

Holes Offer Holey People A Chance To Look Within. If They Choose To Look Deeply, They Will Find Many Treasures. They Share That Treasure With Those Around Them And Create More Opportunities To Help Others By Using Their Own Success.

 The Golden Path

We Want It To Be Fun, And A Journey- There Are Ways To Match, And Even Ways To Lend And Borrow. Owners Of Holey People Genesis Nfts Will Be Able To Match Their Holey Person With Other Nfts In Our  Drops. The More Matches One Has, The Greater The Chance For Special Access. One Might Find AR Paintings, Limited Edition Hand Paintings And More In Special Vaults And Surprise Drops.

The Genesis Collection

8,888 Holey People Will Be Created. They Will Be Released Periodically. They Have Certain Kinds of “Holes” Or  Symbols. These  Are Used To Find Their Match. Every Holey Person Will Have Their Match(es).

The Attribute Collection

Holey People Find Their Match Within The Attribute Collections.  

Certain Holey People May Only Match Across Future Main Collections.

The Vaults

Matches Generate Access To Vaults  That Contain Special Paintings, Some 1 of 1’s, Some  With Augmented Reality, Or Animation, And More.

Collectors May Increase Their Match Level And Benefits.


This Project Is Being Designed And Implemented By Artists, NFT Investors And Crypto Enthusiasts To Reward Collection Holders And Retain Long Term Value While Continuously Releasing More Art.

Daniel Leighton The Artist

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Gabriel Wilson The Gamer

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Anna Leighton The MultiPlayer

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Wen Drop?

On Dec. 21st N Project Holders Can Mint At A Discount For 24 Hours.

On Dec 22nd, Whitelist Members Will Have 24 Hours To Mint At Discount.

On Dec 23rd, The Public Mint Begins.

N Project Holders Release

December 21, 2021

Whitelist Release

December 22, 2021

Public Release

December 23, 2021



**For Daniel: What is the inspiration for Holey People and what is your vision going forward?**

The inspiration comes from my life experience and what I have learned and what I practice. I grew up with a lot of trauma and wounds. My doctors told me that it was unhealthy to keep my emotions inside. But looking at the world around me, it was clear most people were  uncomfortable with the expression of emotion. Emotions were something to keep hidden.  With Holey People, and as an artist, I want to create a space, and help light a path to a world where feelings are acceptable, where wounds are a place to dig into and find gold. Going forward with the collection, I want to keep digging and exploring how far normalizing emotions can go in terms of people feeling better about themselves and their lives. It’s worked for me and it’s worked for others and I want this project to show people that it could work for them too.


**If my N is staked, can I still use to mint? **

– Yes.


**How do I join the whitelist?**

-Head over to the official links channel and look for the white list link. follow link to answer two questions.


**If I hold N can I enter the whitelist?**

– Yes, owning N and being on the white list will give you 48 hours of discount minting access.


**How do I confirm the Whitelist?**

– Type “Confirm” in the confirm whitelist channel.


**Can I use the !painting command?**

– Holey Role and Rockin role may use this command.

Who We Support

Part Of The Proceeds Will Go To Finding A Cure For Crohn’s Disease And Also To Carbon Offset This Project.